Next generation Vietnamese-American film producers, writers and journalists look to Vietface TV as their premier broadcast platform. Launched in 2012 by Thuy Nga Productions, creator of the iconic stage production Paris By Night, the 24/7 Vietface TV channel is endowed with the latest communication technologies, featuring on-demand and extensive audience-interactive content.

CEO Marie To has made it her mission to connect the legions of loyal PBN fans to engaging entertainment and broad-spectrum, newsworthy content. Marie, together with COO Paul Huynh are the creative forces behind Paris by Night’s perennially sold-out shows. Their collaboration has made VFTV media and entertainment as integral to Vietnamese around the world as Facebook and Instagram have become to the face of global social media.

Paris By Night and VFTV have been a driving force in turning Orange County into a world-renowned destination where Vietnamese arts and media gather. In January 2011, PBN obtained a long lease at the refurbished Saigon Performance Arts Center (SPAC) for its expanded Vietface TV operations – a 17,000 square foot facility that boasts a 600-seat theater and a state-of-the-art television studio.  This Fountain Valley location is in addition to its original headquarters in the Bolsa-Media Gulch corridor, which includes busy storefronts, recording studios, headquarter offices and warehouse facilities.

Our president emphasizes that the Vietnamese-American influence on the domestic economy presents unprecedented opportunities for both investors and advertisers in Vietface TV. VFTV’s production arm is made up of several divisions including News, Entertainment, Talk Shows, Documentaries, and both Reality and Community programming. Thuy Nga Productions also runs a Concert and Events division that caters to families, youth, and adult contemporary.

Between the television network and multi-function theatre, VFTV has endless entertainment programming opportunities including competition programs, fashion shows, and cooking shows, as well as dance and vocal competitions.